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Basisinformationen zum Land China Deutschland
Größe 9.572.419 km2 357.023 km2
Hauptstadt Beijing Berlin
Staatsform Volksrepublik Demokratisch Parlamentarischer Bundesstaat
Amtssprache Chinesisch Deutsch
Staatsgründung 01.10.1949 Staatsgeschichte seit 843, letzte Neugründung 24.5.1949
Einwohner total / je km² 1.339 Mio./ 140 81,88 Mio. / 229.
Religionszugehörigkeit 100 Mio. Buddhisten, 30 Mio. Daoisten, 19 Mio. Christen, Konfuzianismus 62,6% Christen, 5% Muslime
BSP/Einw. [US$] 3.650 42.430
CO2 Emiss. 2007 total [Mio.t] 6533 787
CO2 Emiss. je Einw. [to] 5,0 9,6

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Govt to expand rail network to 150,000 km
China will expand the railway network to 150,000 kilometers by 2020, including 30,000 km of high-speed rail, according to the 13th five-year plan (2016-20) for railway construction ...

China to cut tariffs on consumer goods
China will further reduce tariffs on consumer goods, including food and infant formula, in the third cut since 2015.

Cooperation helps improve both Chinese, Ukrainian welding technology
As an embodiment of the achievements of Chinese-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of science and technology, the China-Ukraine EO Paton Institute of Welding (CUPIW) is attracting  ...

China Mobile makes $300m push in IoT
China Mobile, the world's largest telecom carrier by subscribers, will hand out 2 billion yuan ($303 million) as subsidies to internet of things (IoT) device makers.

Canada exports 1st liquefied natural gas shipment to China
British Columbia, a province of Canada, has sent its first shipment of liquefied natural gas to China, marking a milestone in LNG transportation between the two countries.