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  • 25.09.2017:

    MIEBO celebrates the project # 10.000


    ("End Armaturen" Valves for a Customer in Vietnam)


     04.07.2017: 13 Years MIEBO Team




    MIEBO moves to new office location with more comfortable office rooms and bigger stock


    Leibnizstr. 7

    D-97204 Hoechberg




    Celebration of 10. Anniversary of the Company Miebo Tech Export GmbH in Wuerzburg, Germany

    with international customers and German key suppliers.





    Establishing the Company Miebo Tech Export GmbH in Wuerzburg, Germany

    by Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Goepfert.

    MIEBO is the abbreviation of "Middle East Business Opportunity" because in the area of the world the first customers were expected.


    Dipl.-Ing Hans-Joachim Goepfert had 20 years international experience as project manager of turn key balance of plant systems for Combined Cycle Power Stations in Pakistan and Iran same as for Coal Handling Plants in China and Taiwan.

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