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  • Measuring Instruments
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  • Extensive variety of planning services for your photovoltaic system and plant.

    We are realizing different types of photovoltaic systems in all shapes and sizes as a joint-venture company with made-in-Germany solar panel in different parts of the world. Our partner company have developed, planned and implemented more than 30 MWp of PV in Europe, Africa and Middle-East.

    You can find a range of our partner company’s Galleries here.

    Construction of photovoltaic systems from

    Engineering phase started by basic design to operation phase

    Are you looking for an experienced EPC contractor to construct your solar power plant? We provide all the services that you need, including basic and detailed design for individual systems. Let us take responsibility for your solar power plant and site management. We are available for every step of the way for all project and construction operation, training and maintenance phases. We are able to implement photovoltaic systems, particularly on different configurations such as On-Grid, Off-Grid and Fuel-save with well-known German Solar panels and reliable Synchronization and energy saving devices.

    As your EPC contractor, we negotiate the perfect conditions for your plant and co-ordinate all of the construction activities on behalf of you. Our experienced partners have already successfully implemented numerous projects. We prefer to work with domestic companies, as this allows us to help our region make a significant contribution to the value chain.
    Our 14 years’ experience as industrial goods supplier specialist means that every component is delivered to the construction site on time and reliably. With outstanding technical plant designs and a range of the best components from well-known manufacturers, the quality of your photovoltaic system is guaranteed to generate the highest yields.

    In addition to functionality and cost-effectiveness, Miebo-PURE solar strives to produce exceptionally designed roof-top plants that are sophisticated in terms of their aesthetic and architectural features, while our ground-mounted plants are constructed in an environmentally friendly manner and integrate well into their natural surroundings.

    Once your solar power plant has been completed, we remain on hand to ensure your PV system operates correctly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for an experienced provider to help with your operation and maintenance or if you have any questions about plant optimization. For more information please contact to our renewable energy department.

    As soon as you inform us your project inquiry, then we will send you our technical questionnaire to clarify all of your solar plant requirements.

    On the next step, we will provide you our technical and financial offer which will be included financial calculation to specify the exact break-even-point of your project investment base on your information due to technical questionnaires process.

    Please note that every day the Sun is shining and your delay in your photovoltaic power plant construction is equal to lose values in environmental protection and your capital as well.






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