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    International Instruments and Spare Parts Service
    Due to active and still increasing instruments and spare parts business since years we are familiar with most sources of national and international companies after sales service.
    We get excellent conditions concerning price and delivery times for instruments and spare parts. Also we trace for and advise the successor types of spare parts which are not longer in the program of the manufacturers or where manufacteres changed their name e.g. by merging with other companies.

    List of Manufacturer

    last Update: 01.02.2016

    MIEBO key products, brands and technologies:

    Instrumentation and Control: E+HHeinrichs Kobold Group, Kobold Messring, KSR Kuebler, VEGA

    Condition Monitoring: HAUBER

    Pressure and Temperature Gauges: Ashcroft, WIKA

    Sensors and Automation: JUMO, Sitron, Telco, Pepperl+Fuchs, Baumer, Balluff

    Valve Position Monitoring and Control: Westlock

    Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas : R. Stahl, Crouse-Hinds by EATON / CEAG

    Steam/Condensate Handling, Boiler Control, Gas Components: GESTRA, Elster Kromschroeder, RMG

    Valve Actuators: AUMA, Bar

    Control Valves: Samson, ARCA Regler

    Industrial Valves: KSB, Socla, ARI, Persta, GEMUE, ASCO, Norgren

    Electrical Control Cabinets: Rittal

    OIl & Gas: KROHNE Oil & Gas, Brooksinstrument

    HIPPS Technology: MaRe Instru-Control Ltd.


    Suppliers' Newsletters:

    Endress + Hauser, WIKA News, Kobold Messring News



    Principals of Explosion Protection


    Intrinsic Safety



    Instrumentation and Control:


    Sensors for level, pressure, flow and liquid anaysis.

    Technical configuration with Open Shopping Basket

    Endress+Hauser Maulburg

    Competence center for level and pressure measurement

    Endress+Hauser Flowtec

    Competence center for flow measurement technology

    Endress+Hauser Conducta

    Competence center for liquid analysis

    E+H Newsletter:

    E+H 01/2016

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    Sensors for the measurement of level, point level and pressure.

    VEGAPULS WL 61 / Continuous level measurement of water and waste water

    VEGAPULS 61 / Continuous level measurement of liquids

    VEGAPULS 69 / Continuous level measurement of bulk solids (new 2015)

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    Kobold Messring

    Sensors for the measurement of flow, level, pressure and temperature

    Kobold Newsletters:

    Kobold Messring 05D/2016

    Kobold Messring 4E/2016

    Kobold Messring 3D/2016

    Kobold Messring 2E/2016

    Kobold Messring 2D/2016

    Kobold Messring 50E/2015

    Kobold Messring 49E/2015

    Kobold Messring 48E/2015

    Kobold Messring 47E/2015

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    Heinrichs Kobold Group

    Sensors for the measurement of liquids, gases, multiple phase medias and light bulks

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    Level measurement in Process Industry

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    Condition Monitoring:


    Protection of machines against vibration e.g. industrial ventilators, fans & blowers, pumps, centrifuges & separators, generators, turbines

    Newsletter Archive

    Vibration Control type 663, SIL 2 /PI d classified to DIN ISO 10816

    Vibration Control type 640, to DIN ISO 10816 (measurement of temp. type 648)

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    Pressure and Temperature Gauges:


    Global market leader in pressure and temperature measurement

    Mechatronic Pressure Measurement

    Mechanical Pressure Measurement

    Mechatronic Temperature Measurement

    Mechanical Temperature Measurement

    WIKA Newsletters:

    WIKA 4/2015

    WIKA 3/2015

    WIKA 2/2015

    WIKA 1/2015

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    Pressure and temperature measurement for different applications

    Pressure Measurement

    Temperature Measurement

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    One of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology.

    Product Spectrum: Temperature, Liquid Analysis, Pressure, Level, Flow, Humidity, Control, Recording, Automation, Monitoring.

    dTrans p33 - Pressure Transmitter or Level Probe for Use in Ex-Areas

    DICON touch - Two-Channel Process and Program Controller with Recorder


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    Passion for non contact switching

    Light Curtains Sitrans Alpha ® S1 rail

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    Making Sense of Technology

    LT- and LR-100L Remote Sensor, Photoelectric System, Transmitter and Receiver.

    SM-6000 Thru Beam Remote Sensor, Photoelectric System, Transmitter and Receiver.

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    "Your automation, our passion." Process and Factory automation.

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    Passion of Sensors

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    Sensors Worldwide

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    Valve Position Monitoring and Control:



    Innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves.

    Explosionproof/Flameproof Rotary Position Monitors ATEX/IEC

    Intrinsically Safe Rotary Position Monitors ATEX/IEC

    Explosionproof Rotary Position Monitors NEC

    Explosionproof Linear Position Sensor ATEX/IEC

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    Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas :

    R. Stahl

    Leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection

    Position Switches Serious 8060

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    Crouse-Hinds by EATON / CEAG

    Explosion Protection in Hazardous Areas

    All products

    LED Technology for Hazardous and Harsh Industrial Areas

    Products and Brochures

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    Steam/Condensate Handling, Boiler Control, Gas Components:


    A global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control.

    UNA ball float trap

    RK 86 non return valve

    BAE continous blow down valve

    Conductivity monitoring and control

    Boiler low level alarm

    Safety temperature limiters

    SPECTROmodule Touch steam boiler equipment

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    Elster Kromschroeder

    Products and system solutions for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gases

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    Serving the Gas Industry Worldwide.

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    Valve Actuators:


    Customized actuators for all valve types /
    In process technology plants, liquids, gases, vapours, and where granulate need to pass through pipelines.

    Multi Turn Actuators

    Part Turn Actuators

    MIEBO delivers also spares

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    Customized pneumatic and electric actuators as well as complete automatic valves and wide-ranging accessories.

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    Control Valves:


    Cutting-Edge Technology, first Class Quality

    Globe Control Valve Type 3241

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    ARCA Regler

    Quality engineered Control Valves, e.g.

    Steam Conditioning Valves

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    Industrial Valves:


    Cutting-Edge Technology, first Class Quality

    Isoria shut-off butterfly valve by KSB AMRI

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    A specialized range of self-acting and actuated valves

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    More than sixty years as a partner for control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media.

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    High quality high pressure steel valves for application worldwide.

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    Valves, Masurement and Control Systems

    Wet Bench

    Production Liquids

    Surface Finishing for Steel Screws

    Supply High Purity Chenicals

    Sterilisation System for Medical Eqipment

    Gravel Filtration Waste Water

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    Fluid automation - Solenoid valves - Pressure operated Valves.

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    Norgren has one of the worlds largest ranges of valve ranging from those used in everyday applications to a version with an MTBF value of over 800 years

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    Electrical Control Cabinets:


    Always on hand whenever you need us

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    Oil & Gas:

    KROHNE Oil & Gas

    Products and Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

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    Supreme performance in extreme conditions

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    HIPPS: High-Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is a SIS designed to prevent over-pressurization of a plant, such as Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas Facilities, Pipelines etc.

    Our Partner for HIPPS Engineering:

    Matthias Reissner, Dipl.-Ing.

    MaRe Instru-Control Ltd.

    Your competent & reliable partner for Consulting and Engineering of

    HIPPS, Control & Safety Systems, Field Instrumentation, HAZOP, PID,

    Instrumentation Deliverables etc.

    Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

    Phone: +1-780-929-6709

    Email: mare-instru-control@shaw.ca

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